Carlos + Danielle

What do you say when you watch a person grow up, when they go off to school in another state, get their own place, and now get married and have a family? I have been a spectator and a participant in all most all of the important moments in Danielle’s life. She has always been a sister to me. I always hoped she would ask me to photograph her wedding but I have to be honest, I was scared that I would mess up. It can be so much harder to have confidence in your art work when the stakes are higher. As the time came closer I wondered how it would all turn out. All week we prepared. It was a week full of tears and laughter. There were so many poignant moments that week for all of us, not just Danielle and Carlos.

Danielle, I will keep all of those special moments tucked away in my heart. I love you and I know you will be dearly loved by Carlos otherwise as your bigger sister, I would have told him he couldn’t have you. Your wedding is one I cherished photographing. God has big plans for the two of you. Keep the fire alive and always remember that it is God that is the foundation to keep your marriage strong. He will make you into a house that no storm can tear down!

So without further adieu, congratulations Carlos and Danielle on finally getting hitched! May these images sweeten the memories for you. XOXO, Becky



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