Congrats to Kai

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I had the pleasure of getting to know the Kolpak family when we lived in California. My husband (Jeremy) and Ron (Kai’s father would go running several times a week.) I was so happy when Ron finally brought the whole family over for a dinner and I got to know all of them. By the end of our 18 months together all of them we so easy in front of the camera it was a joy to take their pictures. They had so much fun. They didn’t even mind that we had to take them in the rain, they just went with it and were all smiles.

I was so excited when they told us they were coming for a visit and I would get to take pictures of Kai in celebration of his senior year. As a photographer you see a lot in the images you take, and through the process it takes to achieve them. I am so excited for Kai, it is clear he is ready to take on the world. Confidence is the most important thing in a good image and he has it in spades. But more than this he has a loving family that supports him and challenges him. Kai is finishing up his senior year with Football and Lacrosse at Norfolk Christian High School. He plans to go into the military through ROTC as he attends college. 

What an achievement to graduate from high school. Kai, I am sure when I speak, I am speaking for everyone that knows you: Congratulations! You have not only achieved academic excellence but you have done it with enthusiasm and purpose. God has great plans for you just trust Him. You are a young man with intention and if you continue to live with thoughtfulness and intention you will succeed where ever you go. God is with you, and with him you can to all things.

Darlena and Ron, thank you for your support and love. Your whole family is a blessing to us!

And Kai, get out there and change the world. We believe in you!

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