The Stith Family

This was really a great time, Lisa, Eddie, Kaden, and Tenly are so much fun. They all are so close and all have really distinctive personalities. I got the impression that they truly are like this all the time and lucky for me they aren’t camera shy, so I got some really great moments. They are all very photogenic and naturally funny, plus they have great hearts. All of that together just made this a wonderful time and some of the best moments I have had the privilege to capture. I put my favorites on the blog post, and as you can see there are a lot. The ones I loved the most were where they were just being themselves so I couldn’t leave them out. Thank you Lisa and Eddie for the blessing of photographing you both and the kids and for all the blessings you have given to our family over the years. I know that our friendship will only blossom from here and I can’t wait to see the amazing things God has in store for your family. Love, Becky


I love their body language it this one, you can tell they are a close family, that they love each other!

So cute!!!! Best sister and brother shot ever!!!!

They are so gorgeous I can’t help my self!

Only the Stith’s would do this when I ask them to squeeze together. I just kept shooting I loved it so much!

This was just too much for me, she is so cute!!!!


He looks like a country music star too me in this one.

Love it!

This location is Lisa’s family’s home, where she grew up and there was something interesting every where you looked. It was awesome to shoot at.

They called this the “Puppy Face” and I have to say I would definitely have given Kaden my table scraps if I saw this face.

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