Charlie and Lori

Lori and I grew up together and it was such a great experience to take photos of her and her husband Charlie last week. Lori called after her sister Rhonda gave her a gift card for Christmas this December, and I was more than thrilled when she said Charlie wanted to do something different; the city!

We went into down town St. Augustine on a rainy day and photographed in front of The Lions Bridge (so gorgeous). We got some great angles, and I was so impressed with how relaxed the two of them were in front of the camera. They practically posed themselves! Then we went over to The Lightner Museum for one last shot, it was an experiment for me that I think worked out great, and I am excited to build on later. I got to add a lot of texture and depth too these images, which was so much fun and I was excited to see that Lori and Charlie both loved them. They ordered this one in a metal print which I think is going to be stunning!

Lori and Charlie, thank you for a great night of photo fun and allowing me to learn as well as create original images that really celebrated who you both are together. Enjoy the memories, Rebecca Anne


I think this might be my favorite image from the whole session, Lori and Charlie posed naturally on their own and all I said was put your heads together.

A candid moment that was just perfect of them and I had to save it!



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