Tanner Oglesbee

Tanner Oglesbee is graduating!

Tanner Davis Oglesbee was born on March 18, 1996 in Palatka, Florida to Michael and Crystal Oglesbee. For Tanner’s high school years he took classes through Florida Virtual School and later enrolled in the Putnam District Virtual School program allowed him the flexibility to complete classes at an accelerated rate which led to dual enrollment classes in the summer of his junior year. Tanner will graduate from high school with 36 credit hours towards his AA degree. He has currently holds a 4.39 weighted GPA, which he works hard to maintain. Tanner has been accepted to the University of North Florida but has decided to stay in Palatka and complete his AA degree at St. John’s River State College.

Tanner’s passion is baseball.  Playing for Palatka High School his sophomore year he started out as a JV player, learning many different positions and moved to varsity by the next season. He suffered a severe ankle sprain which led to employment at Southern Therapy and Wellness Center where he received physical therapy and is still employed. He calls this a God ordained happy accident since his career choice is the field of Athletic Training with the possibility of furthering his education in Physical Therapy. When his baseball schedule allows, Tanner loves toplay the guitar as a part of the worship team at First Assembly of God where he has attended since birth.

Tanner’s character though is revealed in many ways, the respect he shows his mother, the humility he displays when working beside others,and the kindness he gives through much of his free time working in community service around our small town.

If you are proud to know Tanner give him a shout out by leaving a message in the comments below. This is a young guy who deserves to know he has done a great job!

I am praying for you Tanner and I know God has great things for you. Be like Joshua and Caleb and know remember your Christian family is praying Ephesians 3:14-21 over you. God Bless! Rebecca Anne



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