An American Family

Once again I am honored by the Stith’s who asked me to photograph their family. However I was triple blessed by them this time, Lisa asked me if she thought it would work to take pictures of her sister’s family (Leslie) and their parents at the same time. It was a long shot to see if they could make it for the session and to fight the weather but to our amazement the weather became a friend and the kids were patient and excited to see participate.

I can’t say enough about how much fun it is to watch this family work together, they are gracious with each others differences and bring honor to each other as they walk through everyday situations. This session was a challenge for us, with it raining off and on all afternoon. In truth it was 3 hours of laborious work for all of them, such troopers! I give them all a high five and a pat on the back.

Mr. Lester and Mrs. Linda, Lisa and Eddie, and Leslie and Nick, thank you all for choosing me to take your images. This is a special moment that God orchestrated for your family to have these memories and I am continually amazed that I am asked to step into the lives of families like yours, that leave me knowing God is always present and working in you all.

May the God of hope renew inside of you all each day the joy of His salvation. With Love, Becky


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