Metro, MOSH, and The Meadows

Last week I found myself in down town Jacksonville on what proved to be one of the hottest days of the year, or at least it felt like it. The Meadows family and I started their session around 6:30pm and had to hunt for shade to take any photos at all. The heat was so intense even at that time that we had a towel just to wipe us all down after each image. I love how simple things like the weather can help us find wonderful opportunities. We ended up walking to the nearest underpass and it delivered some amazing light.

Now, I have take a minute to say this because I am really quite impressed. Jeremy, who is only 15, studies at “Douglas Anderson School of the Arts” and is extremely talented. I won’t go into to much detail here but seriously; along with several other students last year wrote and preformed an Opera!  That is incredible to say the least. It is powerful to know your gifting, to be disciplined enough to practice, and walk it out. The few people who have character like this, no matter the talents, become world changers. I fully expect great things from Jeremy and I believe he will influence others for good.

I love the MOSH museum in Jacksonville, if for no other reason than the amazing mural that is on the west side of the building. There is a lot more to this mural than you will see here so you have to go check it out for yourself. These pictures turned out so fun, the red shirts plus all the other colors, I couldn’t resist to use my 20mm lens.

Families, are all different and though the day to day activities can make us tired or even drag us into the mundane. It was a joy to watch Rhonda and Curtis interact with Jeremy, encouraging him and teasing each other, constantly present with one another which made the images really radiate the culture of their family. When I get images like these, it just makes my heart happy!

Thank you Rhonda, Curtis, and Jeremy for braving the heat and opening up to me. I love the time I got to share with you, the pictures and the qualities of joy and loyalty that I see come forth in them. Love, Becky


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