Welcome Baby Charles!

I was so delighted to be the one to photograph my brother’s new baby boy! While I am sure it seems like a no brainer for many of you that I would be the photographer for all family special events, that is not always the case and I might not be the best person for the job especially if I want to be in the pictures. 🙂  So I was giddy to say the least when Cricket asked me to photograph the baby! As you will see from the pictures I had such a great time! We really got to experiment a with the a few maternity shots and with the sibling shots. I am always amazed by babies, and Charlie is no exception. Babies are a miracle to me and because I place such a high value on them I often look but don’t touch. It was wonderful to have time to hold Charlie and just be with him over the first few days of his life. Thank you Derek and Cricket for giving me the pleasure of being apart of such a special time in your life.

Now,  please enjoy the photos while I get ready for my first day of babysitting Charlie.  🙂


 Charles Edgar Cribbs was born November 29th, 2015 at 12:33am, 8 lbs. and 5 oz. and 21.5 inches long.

I am not sure what he heard in there but that face really makes me wonder. LOL!



I took these next photos at my visit to meet Charles in the hospital about 10 hours after he was born.



He was wide awake when he showed up for pictures that afternoon.

I love that smile on my brother’s face.

Knowing Gator’s personality we didn’t have to do much, I just had him lay down next to Charlie and play with him. The images are some of my favorites. So sweet!

I love this one!

I caught him yawning and I had to share it, soon cute!!!!!

So Gorgeous!



Just look at those wide,open eyes. I am not sure what his thoughts were but I know he was thinking.

Congratulations Cricket and Derek on your new baby boy! Love Your Sister, Becky



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