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Jessica and Branden live directly across from me in your great little neighborhood on the Norfolk Base. We have become friends as our boys play in the playground between our homes and I was really flattered when she asked me to take her family photos. She has 5 beautiful children and a husband who like mine chose a similar career path. We will be moving away soon but it has been a blessing for not just me to have them near, but for my son Jude who has found playmates and for my husband who has had a sounding board to share work related topics with. We have shared a Thanksgiving meal and even the recent Easter meal together. I will miss them and I hope these pictures will stand as more than just memories for her family but a testament of their time here on this base and all good they have built here and what they will take with them to the next place God has for them.

This family is just beautiful. I had so many great photos to pick from so please enjoy my favorites below and remember to click on the first photograph which will take you to the video.




Branden and Jessica: I think this picture speaks for its self, I love this photo! It shares so much in their expressions about how they feel about each other.


This photo was definitely a keeper, Branden (like most guys) feels awkward smiling in photos so I was elated when they started giggling.

I really got Sylas rolling here. It was nearing the end of the session and they just needed something to focus on, so needless to say they couldn’t hold in the secret I told them. I got a smile out of all of them that time. I just love it!!!!

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Briana and Jacob

Ace, Sylas, and Max

Jessica wanted a picture that reminded her of an earlier photo taken of Briana and so we came up with this. A new take on it and I think it is just beautiful!

Jacob is such a big guy, and a hard hitter on the football field, but when you look at those eyes you know he is a giant teddy bear.

What a great little smile!

I couldn’t resist this expression. So cute!

Now who could resist that look! 🙂

This was priceless to me, just look at how he lets out that laughter. It is rare to see someone laugh like that. I had to include it.

Ace always squishes up when he smiles!

It makes me smile to see this expression. Ace was looking at his mommy and grinning from ear to ear! It is so precious to have these moments not just in our minds but where we can see them everyday. This is why I do what I do.

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Natural and wonderful, family is precious and we must embrace all that it is. I think this family does that.

Thank you Jessica for all the blessings and thank you for the chance to create something special for you. With all of our talks, all the laughter, and all sunshine we have shared my prayer is that your home will continue to bless your whole family and minister wisdom and love to all that you come in contact with.  Your Friend, Rebecca Anne


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