JPEG Jacob

I am so thrilled to share these photos with you. Jacob Kilgore is by far one of my favorite people! Jacob is smart, kind, self motivated, has the heart of a servant, plus he is quite a good photographer 🙂 Jacob has been very involved with the children’s ministry at his home church for many years now but what is truly remarkable about him is that he really has a talent for listening to people. Because Jacob is a good listener he has learned quickly with whom and where he should invest his time and energy. With that knowledge and with the heart of a self motivated servant you can imagine what an impact Jacob has already had within his family and community. I believe with all my heart that this senior is about to take the world by storm. He will be successful at everything he does. God has blessed him with everything he needs and Jacob’s trust is in God, a dynamic duo. Remember Jacob because he remembers God, this will give him the ability to change the world for the glory of God. I believe God will give him a vision for his future if He hasn’t already and when that happens there is no stopping him. There is so much more I could say about him, but I will let you see the pictures.

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Jacob loves photography and he is quite good at it, thus the name JPEG Jacob. Plus he is really into new technology. So we decided to include his awesome camera into some of the photos. These I really loved because together we looked for spots that really looked like studio lighting to bring in that aspect of what he loves.

I love Jacob’s smile but I really liked this serious one against the green wall.

Ok so Jacob has this great smirk which all of us that know him love. I got it here and there are few others too. But we know when we see that he is thinking something we are not sure we want to hear and yet we must know…

I love this picture, he is so casual and cool.

So much fun experimenting. Jacob and I took some time to experiment with a few of the images, this was one that really worked. We wanted to showcase his awesome ring but I think the smile makes this a winner.

Confidence, I love it!

This picture is so cool to me, I had to include this one.

Jamey his sister was off to the side of the camera and got him laughing, I had to include it. Just so great to see that kind of smile on him.

More experiments that I think worked.

Jacob is so savvy with technology we had to include some cool shots with something like that. So here it is, and I love this one. A cool mix of the classic with the modern.

This is so quintessential Jacob. 🙂

I just really liked these pictures of him in the plaid shirt. We took these at his home and he was perfectly relaxed and I think he loved this spot as much as I did for taking pictures. It only seemed right to take some here.

I really loved taking his photos here, I think this was a great spot because of how it complimented Jacob’s personality. Plus the light was amazing. I kept giving him adjectives to describe how I wanted him to stand. He was laughing at me at first but then he got it and I am so happy with the results. I really feel these are a wonderful representation of his maturity and intellect.

Ok so this one is a little different I know. I love just the original photo but I wanted to do something special for Jacob. I asked him what his favorite scripture was (2 Cor. 12:9) but I didn’t feel even though it was awesome that I applied to the moment. So I took the oldie but the goodie, Jeremiah 29:11-13 and wrote it out over and over again covering him with that prophetic word. So Jacob, that is my prayer for you, that you will walk into the destiny that God has planned for you.

Jacob, thank you so much for asking me to take your photos. It was a blessing and I am grateful. I know you are going to do great things and if I am proud of you after only knowing you for three years I can only imagine the way your mother,  your father, your sister, and so many more feel. Congratulations my friend and may God richly bless you by showing you early the plan he has for you and not just keeping that vision alive but showing you clearly how to accomplish it. Amen!

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