Thoroughly Modern Molli

Mollie is a truly unique young woman. A rare and classic beauty that I have had the privilege to know and blessed to photograph. This year she will graduate and go on to meet her goals. She is a designer at heart as evidence from her love of fashion and the seemingly random details found around her all the time. They are anything but random with Molli. She is patient enough to look and find beauty in many places no one would ever look, then like a child she brings it home in her pocket. Now all this may seem sentimental but it is the truth. Mollie is strong and brave in ways that are surprising to find in the average girl her age. I was so excited when her mother (Chris) called and asked me to take her senior photos. Chris has been a huge influence in my life and though this may shock her, I consider her a mentor of mine in the faith and I was deeply honored to photograph her daughter.

Molli is looking forward to studying social work and has a heart for orphans. I am excited to see what she does with her life. With the freedom that drives her forward and I believe with her gentle and joyous nature she will be blossom quickly into a remarkable woman.

Molli with Love all things are possible!

Please send Molli a celebratory message at the bottom of this post (in the comments) to bless her on her graduation.

God bless you all, Rebecca


This picture reminds me of old Hollywood. I would like to say that I posed her perfectly that it was all me, but the reality is that Molli just is this way. She simply understood the basic instructions I gave her and she naturally created an atmosphere where these types of images were produced. Truly beautiful, inside and out.



Love her profile

I love her expression in this one

I think this picture might actually be how the inside of Molli’s head looks when reading a book, just daydreaming about the characters and the situation.

Her eyes can be so compelling. Like she has a secret she is thinking of sharing with you.


Love, Love, Love this pic.

So old school!

I can’t get over how alike their expressions are.

She has a hidden kiss!

I had to punch the color on this one, it was just so great to compliment that amazing smile she gave.

These next images really speak for themselves. WOW!

Quite possibly one of the best photos I have ever taken. 🙂


Those Eyes!

Inspired by her books, we created a tower for her to rest on.

This image might be a show stopper for me. It leaves you thinking of the “What If?”

Look out world her she comes!

I think this image might have woke the dead behind her. <3

I love Polaroids and so does Molli so it was only fitting to create some for her.

So cheeky!

Is she hiding or is she really telling us more than she would if she was facing the camera? You be the judge, either way it is a stunning image.

Best mug shot ever!

That is just cool. I don’t care how old you are, that is just a cool picture!!!!!

So we never forget June 2015! 13 years of hard work and the pay off will be great!


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