My Sisters and their wonderful Families

I was going to separate these two photo sessions into two blogs, and Cherie and Alex will most likely ask why they didn’t get their own blog. Well the answer is,  I just couldn’t seem to make them separate. I tried for two weeks to write separate blogs for them but I couldn’t. When I think of my sisters and the place they hold in my heart they seem to share the same place so perfectly I cannot now separate them on my blog which though it often lacks words, is an expression of my heart and mind.

I have two truly amazing sisters. My whole family is awesome, but I really am blessed to have my sisters! They have always supported me, protected me, loved me, encouraged me, and embraced me. They have poured into my life like no other friends I have, and that is saying something because I have amazing friends too. This is the first time I have gotten to photograph them with their families and again they blessed me. So many photographers say it is hard working with their families but other than fighting a strangely cold day, We had a blast!

This was 2004 when my sisters came to visit me in Oklahoma. I was a lead role in “Quilters” the musical and it was by far one of the best surprises of my life. I was talking to them on the phone and then I got a knock at the door. When I went to answer, it was them. I sat down on the steps and cried as they wrapped their arms around me.

We photographed Alex, Jason and the little ones first. The kids had so much fun, we played and photographed until it started to rain on us. Some of my favorites were of the girls playing together on this sweet little green blanket and of Elijah making faces at me. But really the whole session was a big play date with the kids. A bonus was when we got some great images of Alex and Jason too. Course Alex never takes a bad shot. She is ridiculously photogenic and Cherie and I are always getting up set that our photos don’t look as good. Violet is also this way. They both seem to beam from the inside.

Don’t forget to click on the photo below to see their video 🙂


This is so Elijah. If he had a facebook page this would be his profile pic.

I cannot get enough of this picture!!!!!!


Like Father, Like Son

Peas and Carrots

I love this picture of them!

You can see from this picture they are were all giggles.

So now for Cherie’s pictures. Don’t forget to click the photo below to see the video.


Cherie’s session was so beautiful! We went down to one of the old churches in St. Augustine and just walked around one rainy afternoon. The stones were a perfect compliment to her choice of colors and the light reflected off of it beautifully. Other than me trying to parallel park it made it so easy on me, Brice ended up parking for me because I was a disaster at it, LOL! There are times when I look at my location and my subject and I pale with the fact that I am good at what I do but, I still have so much to learn when it comes to showing the true beauty of a moment. This session was one of those for me. My only frustration was that I didn’t have more time, and more practice invested prior to capture the visions of what I could see from session as I was in the moment. These are the moments in which I hone my skills for in my quiet moments.

They really got to laughing here and I just couldn’t leave this one out. Some of my favorite photos, the ones I really think are beautiful are ones where there is a genuine laugh.

I really like this picture of Brice. It it like the past is truly behind him and he is waiting to see what will happen next.

This photo is really beautiful of them. They just relaxed when I asked them to sit together.

Now that is a smile! She usually has a rehearsed smile but I got a real one here.

I love my nieces so much, and this was so awesome to have this time with them. I am shocked that they trust me enough to let me take their picture, often times those closest too you have a strange phobia of this. Just look at them though, inside and out they are simply lovely girls with strong passions and the brilliance to accomplish them.

My favorite picture of them!

All you need to see are her eyes. Beautiful Elli!

I love the smile even more!!!!!!!

Ms. Lizzy. I love the complexity of her photos, she never gives you a simple expression unless you catch her off guard. This is one expression I had to share. To me is is one of her best photographs. Lizzy is a lot like me, she photographs everything but herself. Hopefully we can both change that.

I caught Elli taking a selfie.

Her reaction to being caught.

This was my favorite family photo that I took of them. it is very different from what I normally do, but I really like it and it makes me feel like they can stand in the midst of anything so long as they are together.

I love you all very much and thank you for letting me take your pictures. It means a lot to me that you all trusted me. Love, Becky

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