Some of the Best Women I Know

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed photographing these three, nor the countless times I had to stop editing because I was laughing to hard to use my wacom tablet. Mrs. Robin, Danielle, and Karlissa mean so much to me, they are no less than my family. I can not think of my family without considering them at the same time. It was awesome to take their family photos for the second time. Both times were special to me and I cherish that they allow me to be apart of their lives in this way. I also would like to take this moment to recall that both sessions with them were crazy. At one point I was in the photos with them wearing a frog. I might show that picture at some point, believe me one can’t make this stuff up. We are just silly gals when we are together. It isn’t always easy to be the photographer for your family but even when we fight (which there was minimal glaring at me when I asked them to do certain poses) we end up laughing.

These beautiful woman, know themselves and love each other with a deep love that is infectious. Mom and daughters, sister to sister, the best and the worst that equally accept with humble accountability and tender affection. Supporting each one in all their endeavors with patience and selfless acts of kindness. No, they are not perfect, and in their honesty they will be the first to admit that, yet what you see is God’s grace spilling over from them to others.


I edited so many shots of them just playing around and having fun. I wish I had been taking video. You’ll see as you watch the clip. I miss you all so much. Mrs. Robin you have always been a light guiding me and you have nourished me with healing hugs. Danielle you are my sister and I cherish you, oh and if you don’t come and visit me soon… I know where you live. Karlissa your laugh comes from deep within you and it is wonderful, you are just like Elli and Lizzy to me.

This next one happens to be one of my favorite shots of all time.

This is how I will always remember Mrs. Robin, no matter how far away I am I see her like this.

Ridiculously cute!!!!

Again, I love, love, love this photo!



This one looks like Robin sat down next to her younger self. Crazy cool how much they look alike.


The whole session was like this. I told them to stand together and do something. So they teased and laughed, and played until the sun went down.

I am not sure what Mrs. Robin was trying to do, but I do recall she ended up licking Danielle’s ear. I caught the expression, but I should have been rolling video because the conversation that followed was awesome. One of the funniest moments in between shots I have ever had.


I was trying so hard to get this shot. In the end, all of them were ridiculous because they were having so much fun I couldn’t even control them. 🙂


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