A Person’s A Person No Matter How Small!

I am so excited to have Seth on my blog. I started praying for this little guy over a year ago when he was born early due to complications.  Now I have the privilege to share in his totally amazing birthday party. Seth recently celebrated his first birthday and mom and dad went all out. Starting months ago they began ordering supplies on etsy, ebay, etc. Hosted by a friend out in El Puerto it was truly a celebration of life. Finding details around the house like Seth’s birth announcement hanging on the fridge where a testament to the strength of Seth and his family. Cristal and Brian chose a great theme for Seth’s party: “Dr. Seuss”, the same theme in his bedroom at home, the same theme that has encouraged them through a simple idea like, “A person is a person no matter how small!” from “Horton Hears A Whoo”. It was really inspiring to see these words written on his cake with the knowledge I have of Seth’s fragile first days of life (Seth’s Blurb Book).

Everything was beautiful, and everything was kid friendly. There were games and projects from ages 1 and up. Food like, “Rare Whoo Roast Beast” and the famous “Green Eggs and Ham”! The cake was made special by Art of Cakes so that Seth could enjoy his first cake regardless of his allergies and the whole party cheered him on as he figured out the giant orange fish was editable.   Between cotton candy, rock candy, and sweet swirls there was more candy than any of us could eat, but Cristal was gracious enough to send all the kids home with a Dr. Seuss toothbrush. With Seth’s smiles, and all that candy it made for one really sweet day!

Thanks for reading my post and remember to leave a message for Seth, Cristal, and Brian by commenting at the bottom of the post. Enjoy the photos, Rebecca

Seth Turns One

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