Welcome Little Miss Carrie Marks!

I was inspired by the Marks family as I walked through this beautiful moment with them. They challenged me in my faith exuding nothing but joy and anticipation of the newest member of their family. There was no fear just excitement and focus on this precious new beginning.  The only way to celebrate this story  is to show it to you. May our creator inspire you through this real life story, the birth of Moriah (named for Mount Moriah, the place where God spoke to David and where Solomon first began building the temple of the Lord) Carrie Marks, a beautiful and strong name.

If you have the time, please leave a message in the comments section of this post to welcome baby Moriah and to bless the Marks Family. Thanks, Rebecca Grennan


Moriah Carrie Marks 2

Moriah Carrie Marks February 5, 2012

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