Amazon Calling

 I came home for a visit with my family and was so blessed to have some friends ask for a photo. I thought they would be gone for culture training because they have been blessed to by God to start a new adventure in the Amazon. Mike and Katie called needed a new photo for their prayer card that included their new baby boy, Zachary. I was so excited to see them we went down to the Ravine’s and found a spot that they felt looked a lot like where they will be living soon. We had so much fun, one picture turned into hours of picture taking and fellowship. Jude and Judah played all afternoon, and Judah even helped Jude over come his fear of the cold water.

As usual I am putting my favorite images on the blog but please watch the video and consider donating to their cause. You can do a one time donation or even consider becoming a partner with them by contributing in prayer and/or a monthly financial blessing. You can visit their page and get to know them by linking on this link.


This was such a sweet moment.

Love this picture!

We really wanted to get a picture of Michael with Judah but Judah was so over pictures, so Mike just started playing in the stream with him.

So awesome! They painted their faces with the black dirt from the stream and then ran around acting like they were doing some sort of tribal dance. 🙂

I can’t get over how cute it was for Judah to snuggle up to Mike, and just look at Zachary’s face, so attentive.

Daddy’s Pride

I just love these two so much!

I think this is amazing, Katie just laid down with Zachary in the mud just to love on him, I had to get the shot!

Oh my! Look at that cheek!!!!

Amazing Smile! Amazing Eyes!

This image I wasn’t prepared and my shutter was too slow for Judah’s speed but we all loved it so much it had to make the blog!

This is a moment I am so happy to have shared.

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