Military Life and Pets (RAWL)

Being that we are leaving in the next few weeks we have had so much to do and figure out. I think the hardest part was finding a way for our two dogs to get back home with us. Vienna came from Virginia to here, and Roxanne is from here in Spain, we rescued her from the kennels here three years ago and we couldn’t be happier. We are so thankful for Roxanne’s gentle nature. She is what most of us call a bodega mix, and even though she is often timid her youthful heart is wonderful. We love playing with her in the evening and relaxing with her in the morning.



I had the opportunity to visit RAWL on Naval Base Rota this week. My heart goes out to all of those that were forced to leave their pets behind due to the military life but even though we are military RAWL is doing something amazing. Our pets that are abandoned or reluctantly left behind due to the call of duty need us to help them by taking them in, donating food or medicine, or just taking them for a walk to help someone else see that they are great animals they just need some love in the way of finding a new home.

All of the pets that I am posting in the slideshow are currently at RAWL (across from the Drive-In Movie Theater on Base Naval Rota) looking for a good home. Please consider calling (727-4000) to check these amazing animals out or just go on by and take a look. All animals can be taken home for a two week trial period as well. And if you can’t help out by taking a pet home, pass this on to a friend, or remember they are here to help us no matter what the situation.

I know the pain of leaving your animal behind because I had to give my dog up when I realized he needed a job. He is now working in law-inforcement and he is much happier than with the life I could give him. I still go and see him and he is still close to my heart but never-the-less this was super hard for me to let go of him. That being said, I was almost forced to leave my small dog behind due to the military making a mistake on my flight and I just don’t know what I would have done had I not gotten her to Spain with me. Now that we are leaving this has also been very hard to work out with the way the Navy schedules things, but thankfully we found a great company that leaves from Madrid with our pets and they can ship anywhere. United Air Freight, S.A. Live Animals Forwarder is located in Spain and it does take longer to get everything set up than it would in the states but they offer pet hotels between layovers and the option to fly with or without you with your pet.

These are some quick mug shots of the pets but I hope you enjoy them, they are really sweet animals. Maybe your best-friend is waiting there just for you!

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