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 Your experience with me will always be unique. But a few things are always the same. I like to get to know you as much as possible within our small time together to discover who you really are, what your likes and dislikes you have.  I will collaborate with you to create a personalized photo session, designed with your needs and personal story in mind. For most clients a session last two hours. I love to take photos within your home or in your hometown to keep the process simple, relaxed, and representative of you. If I am photographing your wedding I will work very closely with you and your coordinator to insure all your needs are met. This is one of the most important days of your life and my goal is to take some of the pressure off and insure you that all your memories will be preserved to the best of my ability.

You can expect me to take quite a number of photos during the session and I will choose as many as I need to edit, effectively telling your story. The average depends on the occasion for portraiture it is generally within 30-60 photos and for events it depends on the length but it can be in excess of +300 to +1000 photos edited.

Once I have edited your photos, I will contact you for your appointment to view them. After I design a special presentation just for you, I come to your home and present it to you. If you can only view them online I am of course flexible.



It is so important that you are comfortable, comfortable and confident produce the most attractive images. You can build a great color scheme, create a style that is linked to an era in time, a place, a great book, the sky is the limit but make sure you are comfortable because it will pay off later. If you need help let me know I have professional stylists that can help, I can help, and there are so many great places to check out clothing from.

All of these options are well priced and create a great look for you, casual or formal.

Woman & Children: The Shabby Apple

Men, Woman, & Children: J Crew

Children & Babies: The Tea Collection



 I recommend that you pick a spot that you feel comfortable in, or that you have some ties too. You and your family, friends, or fiance should feel relaxed and have a good time there. I don’t have a favorite location, I think it is fun to try new things and make your images original. I will travel as far as we need to for your location but if it is farther than an hour we will need to talk about a travel fee. So places like St. Augustine, Gainesville, Middleburg, Palm Coast, Crescent City, Palatka, Starke, and parts of Jacksonville are just fine.


If you are interested in pricing please give me a call or fill out my contact form and I will call you. I have packages for all types of photographic needs however I find that so many of my clients needs vary greatly so to stay flexible I custom design packages just for you at your consultation. It is my pleasure to make your experience relaxed and easy for you, and to me this is just one more way I can help.


I love, love, love video work. I got my start in cinematography so if you are looking for video work I would love to help with that as well. As far as the details on photo and/or video work let me know your needs and we can build the perfect options for you.


Yes, and I have very nice packages arranged for all happy couples, so give me a shout out and we can talk about what works for you.


Let me know if you need any further info.

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