Baby Annalise

Baby Annalise has been an on going project for me that I have really enjoyed in the last 8 months. Born June 30th 2014 I have been given the blessed opportunity to document the first year of her life in images capturing her milestones. I know what you are thinking, why is this blog coming out now and not July 2014. Well, life gets in the way sometimes of the small things and I just got the ok from Anna’s mommy to be able to share (my printer was broken so I just got the model releases, lol). So back to Annalise, she is really quite the thinker. She has amazing expressions, always thinking through something, and so pleasant. She has the sweetest disposition, always content to be with others and enjoy the world around her.

We have had three sessions so far and the first was done in a patriotic them. The second was for her 3 month smiles, and rolli-polli self, however she wasn’t feeling good that day. She totally made up for it in her 6 month session (actually we had it at 8 months). She smiled, laughed, played, and just did an amazing job. Such an amazing age for her, she is so easy and fun to take pictures of now that she is mobile. It seems that was what she was waiting on, the ability to move freely. I don’t think Catherine or Matt are going to be able to pin her down now. I am excited to see what they 9 month photos are going to be like now that she is crawling. Such a sweet baby!



I love sleeping babies!

Always have to have a shot of those tiny toes

The Power of a Touch

Sweet Mommy!

Daddy Love!


I can’t get enough of this.

An All American Family

3 Months Old

So Sweet!

7 Months Old
Love that smile!

Oh look there is a lady behind that big black thing in my face?

We got so excited when she burst out laughing 🙂

A moment with mommy 🙂


I think this last picture is my favorite of all of them. She is so innocent and lovely. I keep wondering what her next milestone photos will bring 🙂

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